BIS-net Exeter Business Award

Exeter City Centre

Exeter City Centre

Is everyone welcome to your shop or restaurant? Do you think it is reasonable that everyone who lives in your street can enjoy all the facilities Exeter can offer?

We have a vision of an Exeter that is accessible for everyone. Whereas we have made great strides in making changes for people with physical disabilities, e.g. putting in lifts or ramps for wheelchair users unable to use stairs, we haven’t yet made changes to accommodate the needs of people with hidden disabilities.

Most people have heard of Aspergers and the Autistic Spectrum these days. But do you really know how these conditions affect individuals, and their families, and the sort of difficulties they might have which stop them accessing facilities in Exeter? We believe understanding is the first step, followed by education about changes that make a difference. We want Exeter to lead the way with a positive attitude to neurodiversity.

What we offer

We are offering our BIS-net Business Award to places in Exeter that are willing to work with us so that their business offers equal access to people on the autistic spectrum and their families.

We offer a full day’s training, developed with input from young people with Autistic spectrum disorders and their families, which will enhance your understanding, and give you ideas and confidence to build a better, more inclusive business.

What you get

Award Pack, including certificate, window sticker and guidelines

Publicity for your business on our website, with a dedicated page highlighting accessible places in Exeter

Your promotions and special offers reaching 1000 local families through our email database and social media

What it costs

Initial training costs £400

For annual renewal of the Award, training costs £200

Further consultation costs £30 per hour

A visit to your premises, with discussion, costs £40

What you do

Share our vision that Exeter is for everyone

A significant proportion of staff, including management, need to have participated in our training

Work collaboratively with us to create guidelines for your business

Accept unannounced visits from BIS-net representatives, including service users

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