Family Support Service

General (1)Support for parents and families

For parents and families, building the understanding and skills to support an individual with behaviour support needs can take time and is far more difficult to achieve then for professionals and carers who receive regular training and guidance, as well as the support of the staff team around them.

BIS-net provides several options for support through out Family Support Services.

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BIS-net uses a combination of therapy models and behaviour interventions to guide the support it gives to parents. Some of these include:

Narrative Therapy Approaches

Relationship Development Intervention

Positive Behaviour Support

Sensory Integration

We believe that in order to provide a truly holistic approach to behaviour support and to meet a family at the level they need, there is a need to have several different approaches and strategies from various backgrounds. Each family has their own story and situation influenced by a huge variety of different factors. BIS-net will work with you to find support that works best for you as well as ways to support individuals in a positive and person centred way.

Packages can be designed suit different financial and time constraints and families are already accessing the RDI programme and Behaviour Support Consultation through direct payments or funding from the local authority. Our support packages are aimed to be affordable to as many families as possible and several families have accessed support using there own funds prior to receiving a full diagnosis and package of support from social services.




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