BIS-net offers training to community settings and schools.

The positive response to our suggestion that local businesses and services have training in understanding and supporting youngsters with challenging behaviour has surprised us. We have had a multitude of requests for training, and have delivered to a variety of venues from theatres to schools.

Aggressive and challenging behaviours can isolate and exclude individuals from the local community and society as a whole. Often, this is not down to the actual behaviours themselves, but rather the stigma and attitudes that are faced by both the individuals needing support to manage their behaviours and those providing the support to them.

Parents and carers are often faced with a sense of embarrassment and isolation when a melt-down or socially inappropriate behaviour takes place in public. This can lead to restricted socializing activities for an individual. Which not only has moral implications but in generally proven to increase the likelihood of challenging behaviours in whatever setting they end up spending unhealthy amounts of time in as a result. As we strive to make society more inclusive and acceptable for all, a greater push is needed to generate a better awareness and understanding of where certain behaviours may come from and how best to support someone through them, or at the very least to make things easier for the parent or carer trying to help the individual.

BIS-net is looking to create a better network of understanding and support in the local area, starting at first with Exeter. We are setting up an award scheme that will allow for community settings to develop their understanding, awareness and skills amongst staff, whilst assisting with policies and procedures around access for those with Behaviour Support Needs. Once a setting has completed the scheme, they will be given the award that can be displayed on promotional material to allow parents, carers and individuals to know that this setting is better equipped and trained to provide support around challenging or socially isolating behaviours, with staff who can understand why the difficulties are occurring, and respond helpfully.

If you are a community setting and would like to be part of the scheme, please get in touch with us using the contact form on this website, or via email or phone.


If you are a parent, carer or professional, or indeed a group of any of these, and would like to be involved in the delivery of the award scheme then we also want to hear from you. The idea of a network approach is essential in this matter so that training, consultancy and awards are given not just from one organizations perspective. We are hosting a consultation date on Friday 19th June to gather ideas for the design of the award

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