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Our Parent Training Programme is growing and we now offer training for professionals too.

Sam Harris leading a parent workshop

Sam Harris leading a parent training workshop

Over the last 2 years our parent training workshops have been accessed by over 200 parents and carers and the feedback has been extremely positive.

‘We have had a huge improvement because of this, even when tired!  So, thank you Sam and team for giving us the tools to spend more time enjoying being a family. :-)’ – J Jones

‘It was the only time that a professional I’d encountered had offered real ideas that really work.’ R. Evans

Our two day parent training workshops are designed to give time for parents and carers to share and explore their own challenges with others in similar situations. To develop further understanding of their child’s behavioural support needs and explore and practise different techniques and approaches for support.

Courses for 2017

Supporting a Child with Challenging or Aggressive Behaviours

Supporting a Teenager with Challenging or Aggressive Behaviours 

£20 for a 2 day ticket 

This parent training course focuses on developing understanding and approaches that can be helpful to most young people displaying or at risk or displaying challenging, aggressive or socially isolating behaviours. Although certain conditions will  be looked at, a diagnosis is not needed to benefit from the course. The course will cover areas and approaches drawn from positive behaviour support. As well as developmental approaches and information from the latest research relevant to this area. Our approach to supporting individuals with behaviours that challenge is person-centred and we don’t believe there is ‘one way to do things.’ The course aims to support parents to understand a range of approaches and consider how to effectively put them in place at home.

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets

Supporting the Social & Emotional development of a child with Autism

Supporting the Social & Emotional development of a teenager with Autism

£20 for a 2 day ticket

This parent training course focuses on understanding how Autism impacts on typical social and emotional development and the relationship between child and parent or carer. It looks to increase awareness as to why certain challenges occur. By becoming more aware of what we are doing in our interactions with people on the spectrum, we can help them to re-visit certain developmental areas and re-build the skills needed to access society and community, bringing there own valuable and unique perspectives with them for the benefit of us all.

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets

Parent Safety & Breakaway Training

£60 for a 2 day ticket 

Unfortunately, for many parents aggression and violence may be something they live with often and to unsafe levels. This can be unsafe to the young person involved and puts parents at risk. Whilst behaviour support and the de-escalation skills covered in other theory based training and our own is vital and should always be the first step, we want to provide something for those still finding ways to reduce aggressive behaviours to keep all at home safer. This course will cover practical breakaway and safety skills taught by trained General Services Association tutors who deliver similar training to the staff team at CEDA. The course does not cover ways of holding someone, it will look at ways to safely remove yourself from situations and cover theory around the considerations if you can’t. We believe that teaching parents skills to make the situations safer will create the best chances of positive outcomes for the young person or individual needing support.

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets

Autism: Understand, Support, Thrive

£150 for a 5 session Ticket 

This course looks to significantly increase parents understanding of not only Autism, but specifically their own child and situation. Autism is a spectrum of individuals with different needs, strengths and challenges. This course aims to make the parents feel more like the expert where their child is involved, by helping them connect many of the ideas and research around Autism to their own child.

If you have heard of, or are wanting to try the RDI [Relationship Development Intervention] service, this course will be the equivalent of accessing 25 hours of contact time with an RDI consultant – something which would typically cost around £800, for less then a quarter of that price.

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets

Understanding & Supporting Individuals with Attention Difficulties [ADHD/ADD] 

£10 for a 1 day ticket

A days workshop aimed at anybody supporting an indivdual with attention difficulties, impulsivity or a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD.

* Understand the diagnosis and how it effects individuals

* Consider how to support long term and promote positive mental health

* Explore the specific executive functons impaired by these conditions and how to support growth in these areas

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets

Understanding and Supporting Individuals with Autism and Demand Avoidance [PDA]

£10 for a 1 day ticket

A days workshop aimed at those supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum that are displaying demand avoidant behaviours or that have a diagnosis of PDA.

* Understanding the basics of Autism

* Exploring how traditional approaches to Autism involve a directive and demand based approach

* Learning other techniques more appropriate to supporting individuals with demand avoidance behaviours

Click here for our 2017 Spring programme and to purchase tickets


No sitting still at this workshop!

No sitting still at this parent training!

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